Your Questions Suck. Here’s What You’re Missing.

Never get feel out of place again. Maybe.

Image by Helena Lopes from Unsplash

When trying to really understand a person, you’ll realize just how valuable asking the right questions are.

1: Don’t Inflate Your Words.

“Stop yourself from saying things that you wouldn’t want to be asked or told. It’s fine if you speak less than usual, as long as there’s more value saturated in the few words you do say. When you do that, better questions come without much extra effort.”

This is a picture of the exact place. Wanna guess who’s the one with the blue T-shirt and red shorts?

“At the time, I didn’t know that saying something didn’t necessarily mean I had something to say. Don’t make the same mistake I did.”

2: Go With The Flow.

You’ve probably watched this before, but watch it again with all this in mind. Source

“The conversations that really matter are the ones that evolve and have the freedom to stray from the intended path.”

Whether that ‘k’ was intentional, no one will ever know. Just another day on the quarantine job.

3: Rely on Others.

“So, you’re flying to Fredericton?”

This has to be the most awkward thing I’ve seen, but it’s so bad it’s good. Plus, it’s completely true. Source

4: Don’t Overthink It.



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