Could Schools Go Virtual Forever After COVID-19?

Virtual What?

Online Learning — Is It Really The Next Big Thing?

Over 50% of employers said that they had trouble finding graduated applicants who were qualified enough to join their company’s team. That’s orders of magnitude higher than the results from similar surveys conducted decades earlier.

It’s scary how countries such as Canada and the US spend so much on education, but get so little value

But, why?

The benefits to online learning are so vast, but that isn’t to say it comes with it’s challenges as well

Conclusions showed that students part of the online learning program performed, on average, 7% better (68.1% vs. 61.6%) on a final exam as opposed to those who went through the blended one.

But is It Really The Future? Really?

At the end of the day though , I seriously hope we don’t let technical difficulties get in the way of fixing a system that’s been broken for thousands of years.

I write about things every week(ish).

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