Why Hope and Optimism May be the Missing Keys to Success

Handling Pressure

Imagine the weight of half a million people’s expectations on your shoulders. In 2018, Elon Musk himself had to bear this weight to keep his company afloat.

Bias Towards Action

If you’ve ever experienced a time of complete hopelessness, you’ve probably seen that your motivation gets drained much faster. When your view of the future is grim, why would you bother working towards it?

Action After Failure

Sometimes, even the brightest goggles of hopefulness can’t prevent people from failure. When that happens, pessimists stop dead in their tracks, while optimists find a reason to continue.


  • Hope allows you to deal with pressure rather than collapsing under it.
  • Optimists are much more motivated than pessimists — they see a bright future, so they strive harder to make it a reality.
  • Hope allows people to continue after failure, which over time, compounds to success.

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