Steal These Opportunities And You’ll Become A Billionaire.

Or At Least Super-Duper Famous. I think.

Image by Denys Nevozhai from Unsplash

Design A Cheaper Joint Implant

Today, a hip or knee implant sets you back about $5,000.

As nice as they look, you wouldn’t want to be the one paying for ’em. Source

Make One-Size-Fits-All Clothing

It’s hard to put your finger on whether its the cramped stalls or painful sales tags, but there’s something about trying on clothes that’s absolutely hateable and frustrating:

But here’s what’s even worse: spending two hours looking for the right colours and fits, buying the clothes, and realizing they don’t fit anymore. How depressing is that?

Why aren’t clothes flexible enough to shrink or grow a few inches along with you? Other than leotards, there’s nothing else that does quite that:

Think of it like this, but without the whole “knight-in-shining-armour” vibe. Source

Electrocute Global Warming.

Carbon dioxide’s most likely going to keep heating Earth until we all burn to death. I know I’m not an expert on this, but burning to death’s pretty unhealthy.

Suck up the air, trap it and zap it. rinse and repeat. Source

The reason we’re not doing any of this today is because it takes an ungodly amount of electricity to split an unbelievably tiny amount of carbon.

Here’s where you come in.

Fix Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are insanely efficient at what they do. So efficient that the energy they generate doesn’t just rise exponentially, but cubically (by powers of three) as wind speed increases. There’s just two tiny problems.

For starters, wind blows really fast when you get past about 100m above the ground.

That’s massive power, but we can’t take advantage of it just by making turbines taller. The difference in wind speeds between the bottom and the top of the turbine would pulverize their rotors.

Notice how they’re tiny and take up half the picture. Source

Build A Coding Language That Isn’t Hard

Forget about Duolingo, because the next big language isn’t going to be English or Chinese or German. It’s going to be the language of hashes and slashes and really long dashes. The fact that you couldn’t read this article ten years ago shows that we’re already well on our way to that world:

Here’s my MVP concept. Sorry, but I’m not accepting investments right now.

Make the learning process so easy that it’s almost the same as writing in plain English, and make its power limitless.

Why? Because if you’re going to be creating a language from scratch, you might as well make it easy to communicate with. That’s the missing piece.

Use The Sun To Build A New Heating System

Imagine living in Northern Russia without access to a reliable source of electricity. Your biggest worry would be dying from the never-ending cold. Without the infrastructure to power a simple heater or run a fireplace, you’re in big trouble. Zooming out, anyone in any country with a winter’s in big trouble if they can’t keep warm.

Now THIS is what I’m talking about. Except this version costs about $1,000. Source

Commercialize Oxygen.

Today, the closest thing we have to a fountain of youth is a technique you might’ve never heard of before. It’s called hyperbaric oxygen therapy, and it’s essentially where a patient stays in a chamber with pure pressurized oxygen circulating through it. When used the right way, it helps heal concussions, speed up the immune systems, and even reverse aging.

Ahhh — the perfect afternoon getaway… Source

The potential’s enormous. It’s your job to make it attractive, portable, and affordable enough for the average person to buy one.

And the best part is that it’s all really just glorified air.

Wrapping Up.

How was that? Pretty fun, right? That’s the amazing thing about coming up with ideas. They come from nowhere, but could lead and turn into anything. These are just some of the ideas that sounded good to me. One person.



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