A Weird 14-Year-Old’s Bucket List.

My dreams packed into a (not so short) article

Image by Sebastian Unrau from Unsplash

“If I was going to die tomorrow, what are some of the things I’d absolutely have to do so I’d could know I lived a good life?”

Be In A Viral Video

Go Skydiving

Crash A Catwalk.

Meet A Famous Person

Go Stargazing.

This is what I’m talking about. Image by Vincentiu Solomon from Unsplash

Become Ronaldo

Find Inner Peace

Be A Spy.

Save People From A Burning House

Create a Country?

Go Viral: V2

Swim With Sharks

Die With a Bang

Set Up A Treasure Hunt

Now you know where I get my inspiration comes from. Source

It’s More Than A List



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