Confused? Let’s Do Some Math.

Try Your Hand At An Equation For your Life.

Photo by Shannon Kunkle from Unsplash

Just as much as you need to know what you want, you’ve got to set a date for when you want to have it, and a plan on how you’ll get it.

You’re either clear on your goals, or you’re not. That’s why the only number that goes here is a 0 or a 1.

Running without a motivation doesn’t last very long. Find what gets you going first. Source

Do you start off every day with your dream and build out from there, or is your “goal” just an afterthought?

You should be shooting for the first option.

Again, we’ll rate this on a 0–10 scale. Here, 0 means you’re bouncing around from idea to idea like a kid who overdosed on sugar. 10 means committing to plan and sticking with it until there’s indisputable evidence that you should pivot. Think of it like stubbornness, but the good kind.

What do you know? Focus found its way into there. Source
Where does success really come from? No one knows. Source

Everyone knows that we can invest money into companies, but barely anyone knows that we can invest our time into goals. Even fewer people realize that they’re investing their time in something right now.

Unlike regular investing, though, you don’t get great returns when you diversify your time too much. Most people who do anything significant in their lives dedicate their time to one main area. Take the hint.

You can find your arrogance in the space between what you think you’re worth, and what you’re actually worth.

Any deviation between your mental picture of your self-worth and your actual self-worth is a poison. A large enough discrepancy could misalign you so badly that you mentally break. Too much arrogance, and you can’t get over yourself. You’ll suddenly think you can’t lose and stop relying on other people for help. Worst of all — you won’t even realize it.

A real talk about what arrogance means (and doesn’t mean). Source

If any successful person today took most people’s advice to them, they’d probably be hiding in a corner somewhere while they questioned the validity of their dream.

This isn’t about ignoring other people. After all, that’s the definition of arrogance. The point here is to not rely on other people’s opinions to the point where you can’t think for yourself. We call successful people successful because they do things no else is willing to do.

Okay — the video’s valuable, but the title on the thumbnail isn’t. Source

Reality Check

But aside from all of that, let’s realize something.

There’s a good chance you’re at zero right now.

Don’t worry — most of us are down here. Why? Because almost none of us have clarity on what we want to do. When clarity doesn’t exist, your entire equation for life boils down to…zero. If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll never get there. Even if you did, you’d probably wouldn’t even recognize you arrived.

TLDR: Just be honest with yourself. Source

If you’re really stuck on what to do, just start with something. Anything. In the worst case scenario, you’ll at least know something you don’t want to spend the rest of your life doing.

Finding the right thing to work on is the biggest favour you could ever do yourself. You can get a long way by doubling down on the variables at the top of the equation. But eventually, you’ll hit a wall. To get any further, you’ll have to take part in the much longer process of minimizing your faults.

How arrogance is eating away at you every day. Source

The highest place you can fall on this scale is your full potential. Not a certain amount of recognition, or power, or money. It’s your potential. If you get there, it’s pretty safe to say you lived a good life.

I can’t stress this enough. Time is the only thing you have. If you’re already late to the party, then you’ve got some catching up to do. Even if you aren’t, get it in your head that you aren’t immortal. You have time, and you’re losing it just as quickly as the next person.



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