Just Float.

A guide to life.

Image by Florian Bernhardt from Unsplash

Every time we get wrenched away from what we hold on to, the more we get reminded about how we never had any control in the first place.

If that’s what happiness really is, then I don’t know about you — but I wouldn’t want to have anything to do with it. It’s temporary and weak and unreliable. Most of all, it’s fake compared to that river. The objects we rest our hands on will all disappear over time. More than happiness, we’re experiencing the bliss that comes from ignoring reality for a while. But still, the river keeps flowing.

We think we’re looking for happiness, but I think we’re just trying to find something real. More than anything else, we’re looking for a thing, a concept, or an idea that won’t die. Something that’ll never fail us.

Maybe that’s why so many of us believe in gods or angels or deities that’ll one day save us from the chaos we’re in. That’s because we want to believe in them more than anything. They’re a better, calmer, safer reality to take refuge in. Maybe that’s a good decision, or maybe that’s a bad one. Ultimately, the river still flows the same way, and at the same speed.

You always end up finding reality where you least want to find it.

Don’t underestimate that river. It’ll break down everything in its path and carry it forward to eternity. It makes us want to hide in a corner and close our eyes for the rest of our lives.



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