Getting Fit With An Exercise Pill?

How Close Are We To The ‘Holy Grail’ Of Health?


The Wonders Of Working Out

Before we go on trying to crack the problem of having to exercise all the time, it helps to know what exercise is, and why exactly we do it:

A Tale Of Two Mice

Let’s begin with the story (study) of two mice — Couch Potato Mouse and Lance Armstrong Mouse. Both grew up in a lab-adapted version of the “standard” American lifestyle. In this case, that meant a whole lot of food and not a lot of exercise.

One of the unlucky mice forced to exercise during this experiment. Source
Prof. Evans on his team’s discovery of drug 516. Source

The Strongest Flies In The World

Now, on to more recent study conducted on (you guessed it) flies! This experiment, performed by the University of Michigan, aimed to decode the effects of exercise on specific genes in our bodies.

How Sestrin is able to work wonders (at least on flies). Source

The Missing Piece

Even though we’re just starting to learn about the process, we know there’s potential to mimic (and even surpass) almost all the physical benefits exercise can have. But what about the mental aspect?

A closer look at the GPDL1-rich ‘vampire’ blood of mice. Source

The Verdict?

Pretty cool, huh? All those studies have the potential to change the game. Together, they might just pave the way to a future where exercise becomes obsolete.



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