How You Could (Theoretically) Create Your Own Artificial Human.

We’re just missing the most important part…


Step One— The Body:

Believe it or not, building a human’s pretty straightforward.

When it comes to humans, the body serves as our physical structure. That means your arms, legs, ears, and every other unique element that’s housed inside or around that structure.

But in general, our bodies couldn’t work without two main things: organs, and a proper “format.” It’s a simplistic way of looking at it, but it works. If you recreate those two factors well enough — you’ll have yourself a human body.

Making an organ is scary simple. Here’s how. Source

Step Two— The Mind:

Reading that title, you might be wondering why we haven’t grouped our minds with our bodies.

Would you still be the same if your brain changed? Source
Here’s an interesting way we’re training our brains — and how we could build them from scratch. Source

The Final Engima — “Us”:

Aside from how we look like, nobody’s ever figured out what makes us who we are. That’s why most of us take that uncertainty and call it our “consciousness.”

A look into our personal identity — by looking at our upcoming future. Source

What’s The Meaning Of It All?

Now, you’re probably left with more questions than answers. But just bear with me and think about one more:

What even is a human?

Seriously. What makes us different from a panda or a giant squid? Is it our bodies? The unique arrangement of blood vessels, the expression of our DNA, or the loops and whorls of our fingerprints?



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