“Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”- Using Oxygen to 10X Your Mind

Aaryan Harshith
5 min readJan 18, 2020

Whether it’s the organ’s complexity, numerous functions, or simply it’s sheer computational power, our brain, by far, would be the most intricate processor to date. Despite the fact this natural wonder possesses unimaginable power; however, the majority of people realize that they could be harnessing up to twice as much of it. In other words, you truly have the potential to be up to twice as focused, sharp, and ready to absorb information — using oxygen alone.

Despite how ludicrous that would sound, it’s exactly the message that’s expressed many times over in the hit book: ‘Change Your Brain, Change Your Life’ written by renowned psychologist Daniel Amen.

Of course, since brain transplants aren’t feasible at this point, that’s not what he means — all Dr. Amen relays through his book is that, rather than replacing your brain entirely, it can directly be changed and formed through your lifestyle to almost any way you want it to function.

The only question is: “Are you actively enhancing your brain to its optimal performance, or are you unknowingly destroying it?”

Dr. Amen is a clinical psychologist most commonly known for his media appearances and having independently…