“Change Your Brain, Change Your Life”- Using Oxygen to 10X Your Mind

The only question is: “Are you actively enhancing your brain to its optimal performance, or are you unknowingly destroying it?”

An extremely insightful TEDx talk by Dr. Amen describing his findings from decades of research

How You Might Unknowingly Be Starving Your Brain

Notice the significant difference between a healthy brain and a scarred brain in the SPECT scan

In the past few years, more than ever, we can observe how there are twenty-year-olds with seventy-year-old brains, and the fact that this population is constantly growing and unknowingly worsening their situation is devastating.

Taking Back Control Of Your Mind

‘No sugar? 8 hours of sleep a day? What kind of sick joke is this? I love my brain, but do I love it that much?’

The shocking effects of TBI and mental conditions on the brain

I write about things every week(ish).

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