Blame It On The Chain.

Your choices aren’t yours. What now?

Image by Scott Szarapka from Unsplash

At the level we understand it, our universe is deterministic. When we observe something happen, we know there must’ve been a force that drove it. When we observe a force, we know it’ll lead to something if we follow it.

Every thing you think you feel, every action you think you make, and every thought you think you think is just determined by the causes that came before them.

Now, isn’t that interesting? If you wanted to, you could blame the supposedly random expansion of a 14 billion year old atom for whatever situation you’re facing.

Try thinking about the last time you chose something. Would you have been happier if someone else did the choosing — even if it was what you wanted to choose anyway?

If free will’s an illusion, then you’re an illusion. But if you’re an illusion, there’s no escaping it, is there? Enjoy the game. Really, that’s the only choice you have to make.



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