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It might be the most misunderstood word in history. I’d lose count if I had to list down all the times someone’s told me something along these lines:

“I am so passionate about robotics.”

“My real passion is photography.”

“Aaryan, do you even know how passionate I am about creating this company?”

Believe me when I say they have no idea what it means. None. If I hear someone say passion one more time, I don’t know if I’ll be able to stop myself from internally combusting. The only thing I’m passionate about is my hate for the word passion.



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Global Warming.What started off as something climate scientists would make small -talk about next to the office water cooler has now found its way into the mainstream — reaching into everything from protests to political cartoons. And rightly so.

That’s because climate change is the real deal — now more than ever.

Some might say it’s getting too real. We’re starting to lose sight of how to solve this problem that we created, because it’s grown bigger than ourselves.

We’ve released so much CO2 into the atmosphere that no amount of recycling or buying solar panels or going vegan is…


The beginning is never the end.

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What will you find when you peel back the layers?

You’re sitting on a creaky, dilapidated office chair — silently scrolling through your laptop as rain softly drizzles the world outside your window. Wanting nothing more in the moment than to check the state of online affairs, you keep scrolling. A slew of random thoughts run through your head, as always.

Deep down, you knew this was the furthest you could get from productivity or usefulness — like checking your fridge to see if something new magically materialized inside it since your last visit. But what else could you do? After all, it was 2012. …

Never get feel out of place again. Maybe.

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Image by Helena Lopes from Unsplash

A few weeks ago, I noticed something special.

I noticed that people usually hid the best, most interesting parts of themselves from the rest of the world. Understanding someone meant slowly bringing those things out and appreciating your discoveries. It’s a nice reminder us that we can always care about others — even if they’re nothing like us:

When trying to really understand a person, you’ll realize just how valuable asking the right questions are.

Not only does it help you go further than just talking about the work or the weather, but it’ll open up doors you never knew…


Or At Least Super-Duper Famous. I think.

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Image by Denys Nevozhai from Unsplash

Before I start, let me preface this by saying that I’m nowhere near a billionaire, or even close to super-famous. I’m pretty sure I actually owe my friend $3.49 after he bought me an ice cream three years ago.

Sorry, Zach.

But, as much as I have no authority to talk about personal finances, I’m pretty well-off when it comes to making ideas. If there’s anything I’m a billionaire in, it’s all the weird thoughts I have. And, in regular billionaire fashion, it’s only fair for me to give away a stupid amount of my ideas. …


Trust me — this works like a charm.

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Image by Anton Darius from Unsplash

Think back to when you last missed a deadline. How’d that end up? Maybe you got a stern warning or a slap on the wrist. If you really screwed up, you might’ve lost some trust or a great opportunity. It probably hurt for a while, and you probably hated yourself for it.

But, after all that, you’re fine now. There’s a good chance that you barely remember that it even happened. Looking at the big picture, that deadline was nothing more than a tiny blip.

There’s just one exception.

Whoever you are, you have about 24 hours a day, and…


“Well-spent” might be an overstatement, but let’s run with it.

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Photo by Todd Quackenbush from Unsplash.

Three days ago, I turned 15. Before I go any further, let me answer some of the burning questions you have for me:

“Was the cake any good?” You bet. It was vanilla.

“Were there presents?” Yeah. This would probably be the first time I actually used a birthday present someone gave me. I’m looking at you, polka dot giraffe socks.

“Why didn’t you invite me to the party?” Sorry, but there’s a little bit of a pandemic going on right now. Maybe next year?

“Did you have fun?” 1000%.

TLDR: Aside from the fact that it reminded me of…


Try Your Hand At An Equation For your Life.

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Photo by Shannon Kunkle from Unsplash

When you stir a large enough pot for a long enough time, you’ll eventually see the ingredients combine to create something you’ve never seen before. Some people call it coincidence. Others call it luck, or chance, or statistics, or emergent behaviour.

But regardless of the name, you’re always left surprised with the outcome.

In the same way, when you let seven billion unique people interact in the largest mixing pot you could imagine, you’re almost guaranteed to get a few that turn out different.


Is it genetics, or something deeper?

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Cancer Cell Illustration from Geneng. News / iStock.

Cancer. It’s a condition that’s been around almost as long as humanity has. And with all that time, we’ve come a long way in understanding how it works. When it comes to the research and advances we’re making, there’s no better time to be alive. If you have cancer, there’s no better time to be alive.

But, let’s be real.

It used to be a whole lot worse, but cancer still takes about 30,000 lives every day. The machines might look more refined, but they still resort to cutting, burning, or poisoning tumours and hoping they’ll disappear. We’re trying our…


A guide to life.

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Image by Florian Bernhardt from Unsplash

If happiness could look like something, what would it be?

Some people might answer with sunshine, rainbows, hot chocolate, or freshly done laundry. Others might say getting birthday presents, spending time with their kids, or jumping onto the couch after a merciless day at work.

But when I try imagining happiness, it doesn’t come up with nearly the same resolution. The most I get is a fuzzy blob that doesn’t quite begin or end anywhere. I don’t know what it is, and I doubt anyone else really does either.

But, shouldn’t we know?

Normally, not knowing wouldn’t be a problem…

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